I believe in the importance of classical music and performing arts for the future of our society. With the most experienced people in the industry, we want to do our part to ensure that the unique experience of arts can be enjoyed by as many people as possible for a long future to come.

Bernhard Kerres, Founding Partner

In 1791 Joseph Haydn arrived in England having left the services of the Esterhazy Family and starting a new life as music entrepreneur. The impresario Johann Peter Salomon invited him to London and organized public concerts. Haydn and Salomon created the new business model for performing arts as we know it today.

Haydn 1791 is a network of senior executives with a significant track record in performing arts management. Believing in innovation and being passionate about the arts makes them the ideal partners for innovative cultural organizations. The Haydn 1791 partners advise on a wide range of areas in performing arts management, offer interim and project management, and utilize their digital platforms where relevant.