Long term planning in increasingly uncertain times is a challenge. Haydn 1791 utilizes Scenario Planning and System Dynamic tools to formulate strategies with clients.

Customer Experience

A visit to a concert or event starts far before the start of the actual show and ends much later than when the curtain falls. That's what we implement.

Marketing & Sales

With a proven track record of increasing sales and even subscriptions the Haydn 1791 partners bring the latest experience to improve sales at our clients.


Programming works between artistic visions and the need to sell tickets. Haydn 1791 develops programming frameworks for festivals and whole seasons meeting these challenges.


Tech and innovation brings opportunities to the arts. At Haydn 1791 we have the most experienced experts and developers at hand.

Outreach & Education

We love bringing the joy of performing arts to as many people as possible and happily support our clients with new concepts and ideas.

Digital Media

The arrival of social media reinvented communications and advertising. At Haydn 1791 we see social media only as one part of digital media with endless opportunities for connecting patrons with institutions.

Development & Fundraising

Haydn 1791 develops fundraising and development strategies with their clients based on their own experiences of fundraising.