Big Data for Great Concerts

Big Data for Great Concerts

Samira has just returned from a great concert hearing a Mozart symphony for her first time. And there it was: An e-mail from the orchestra in her inbox telling her that Bruckner was more or less the same as Mozart. The e-mail contained an offer to return to the symphony the following weekend for a concert with a Bruckner symphony. At least Mozart and Bruckner were both Austrians…

Most online marketing for performing arts and classical music is based on recent snapshots of the patron’s purchase history. While at the Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Concert House), we did a study with Cornell University and Strategy& to understand audiences better. One surprising result was that music tastes evolve. For many big symphonic concerts with a soloist and classical or romantic repertoire is the entrance into the world of classical music. Over time audience members are interested in exploring composers they like further, or they are happy to follow the musicians and ensembles they love.

A typical lifetime exploration of classical music might lead from Beethoven concertos, to romantic piano music, to Beethoven’s chamber music, which leads to compositions from the beginning of the 20th century. For some, it is then just a small step to explore jazz or contemporary music.

But our marketing does not take into account the long term journeys of audience members, even though many performing arts institutions have a vast amount of data with the purchase patterns of their patrons. We not only can go back when a patron made her first purchase, but we can also correlate any purchase to the program, the performers, even the weather, and many other variables. This kind of big data analysis has been an enormous success not only for organizations but also for patrons who were targeted with significantly more relevant information than ever before.

We at Haydn 1791 have not only the sales and marketing experts but also the analytical power from statistics to artificial intelligence. And we have teams of experienced programmers and engineers to develop the right solutions.


Have a coffee with any of our experts to hear more!

  • Bernhard Kerres – former Artistic Director and CEO of the Wiener Konzerthaus, strategy
  • Oliver Sartena – co-inventor of the hugely successful and profitable Wine & Music subscription at the Wiener Konzerthaus – marketing and premium subscriptions
  • Urban Ward – former Sales and Marketing Director at Gothenburg Symphony – ticket sales, subscriptions, and marketing
  • Philipp Gersing – Artificial Intelligence expert, big data analysis, statistics, machine learning

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Big Data for Great Concerts

Artificial Intelligence enables arts organizations to stop selling. Instead, it takes patrons on a journey through their beloved arts. A new way of marketing and sales.

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